Trampoline that work more than once

I have currently a kind of trampoline that work fine, I want the trampoline to give a minimum velocity if the actor velocity is above 0 and keep his velocity if it is above a certain velocity.

The thing work perfectly the first time but he almost never bounce a second time

I have two theorie, either the system is create so that the player can’t launch without touching ground, or the player goes too fast so that the trigger can’t detect him a second time. Either way I would like to know what is the solution.


Overlap will fire once the char enters the object space, but once they are in there they will need to leave (end overlap) and re-enter for the overlap to fire again.
You could make the surface of the trampoline smaller, so that once the bounce happens, they will leave the overlap area. Or, you could track them as they enter (being overlap) and keep applying the bounce every n seconds until they leave (end overlap).

the trigger is quite small so once it touche the overlap area it leave it for quite a time. it is juste a little trigger on top of a solid mesh

Or what about Do once with reset?

Have you debugged to make sure your logic is correct? Like the “prism state” or whatever it says, it never changes from 2?

Some speculation and pseudocode:
if (Z < 0) ie, if falling down
if (Z > 500) -> launch character with inverse Z, but this will never happen since Z is < 0 for this condition to happen.
else if (Z =< 500) -> launch character with 1500 Z ONLY. This actor is stationary? That get velocity node is self, not the character ref. Resulting in character always launches straight up.

Then, the character would be falling down again, triggering this logic again. Should work assuming prism state == 2
This logic also states that the top launch character never happens.
And that the character always launches 0,0,1500.

The logic was flaw but this was not the main problem, since the trigger is small, it dont detect automaticly when the velocity is too fast there is a delay andm he detect only when I reach the ground, I tried this simple BP

When I jump from the ground it work and print a complete nuimber but when I jump from a hight point it print 0.0