Training Stream - Story-Driven Gameplay and Cinematics with Sequencer - Aug 9th - Live from Epic HQ


and are back to talk about creating a narrative-driven project using Sequencer’s controls. You’ve seen how to make a cutscene with Sequencer, now you can see how we’re using it for gameplay interactions as well. Wes will be showing off a new project for his upcoming tutorials and will be breaking down how he created a cutscene using infinity blade assets with Sequencer. If you’re a fan of the modern point-and-click adventure genre or cinematics, then you won’t want to miss a second of this stream!

Tuesday, August 9th @ 2:00PM Countdown]



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Very cool can’t wait for it !

I’m so excited to be a part of this community!:D:D

Hope this will get posted. Love the topic, need to take my kid to get his cast off today.

you can watch on twitch later just look for the last stream at top of their page to view

also it doesn’t take long for them to upload it to youtube

Thanks guys, That’s was great !

Oh I’m so watching the Youtube video of this!

Archive is up!


Is this were I can ask a question!!!?

I’m currently doing small test scene which is done in sequencer.
The problem is that my DOF is not working on my mountines when I render out
a JPG sequence. When I test it play (game-mode) its working.

I have setup the DOF in my PostProcess. My question is do you need to setup
DOF in sequencer it self thru the camera or does DOF in Postprocess only works
for in game stuff. How can I blur the mountines but keep my fore ground focused.

Most important thing is you need to check the out renders (JPG) if they have any DOF applied.
Its not showing up in my JPG renders!!



Will there be options for camera import ie. Import camera from (Dropdown menu) Blender, Maya, C4D, 3DMax, Zbrush …

Hello I want to make a cinematic choice based game similar to Hidden agenda or Until dawn. Where the player’s choices reflects story of the game, By using sequencer. Please help. Where and how the text should be displayed. And how the player should choose the choice. Thanks

Hello, Could I get the demo project, I really want it :smiley: