Training Stream: Material Instances - May 24 - live from Epic HQ


In this week’s live training stream Senior Technical Writer Sam Deiter will show you how to unlock the power of Unreal Engine 4’s Material Instancing system. From how to develop and setup a workflow that makes heavy use of Material Instances, to pitfalls that you might run into while using Material Instances and how to avoid them, Sam will show you how you can become a Master of Materials in UE4.


Tuesday, May 24th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown



Sam Deiter - Sr Training Content Creator - @Sam_Deiter](

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could someone in the staff fix the bugs through out ue4 mainly crashing when importing crashes sometimes and could please explain to me what streaming pool is and why is the streaming pool size low

could you tell me more about streaming materials and how to avoid flicker and texture issues

Master of Materials! This stream sounds awesome, can’t wait to watch.

What PC spec. and UE4 version used for fast compiling shaders!?

Greetings to all!

This vídeo shows a nice fast compiling shaders PC in action! What are the recomended specs. and what UE4 version is it on?..

For my project I use at the moment UE4.9.2. Cause I work alone and dont have much time to dedicate to it, as more of a hobby with my free time…


Thank you very much for the stream, it was clear and concise.

Where are the base textures Sam is using located? I can’t seem to find them. I might be in need of higher dosages of caffeine.