Training Stream - Making Game Ready AI, Part 1 - Oct 20th, 2015

In this multi-part series, shows you how to use all of the relevant systems and features (Behavior Trees, EQS, Navigation Meshes, AnimBlueprints, AnimMontages, and more) to design, create, and optimize AI for use in a game environment with all of the requirements and restrictions that go along with that.

In Part 1, introduces all of the concepts and shows you how to set up basic point-and-click-to-move behavior for a single third-person character.

Tuesday, Oct 20th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]



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Of course this happens after I learned all of this for the game jam.

Wait, this is because the AI in my game was so bad, wasn’t it?

YAAAY. Unfortunately, I’ll be at the office during this timeframe.:frowning:

I suppose it figures. I had to fake the AI for my Game Jam entry using bools & branches and movement input nodes directing it towards positions in a grid Blueprint actor and pushing the checks off of the tick function… I hardly think it’s the best way to do AI, but I haven’t found a good tutorial that really helps me understand the behavior tree yet…

I got the behavior tree working rather well, but it took a few iterations and a good portion of my time and I know it’s sub-optimal. I’d write about what I figured out, but I have a feeling this stream will answer a lot of questions.

Will the series address NPC AI behavior in specific cases (i.e. guards, bosses, or such) or just deal with basic concepts?

Also, as you go along, can you indicate or suggest changes in your BPs (or code?) that will have to be made in order to use your techniques in networked multiplayer?

's Blueprints


Just followed along with the twitch stream - everything worked! (Having video feed stuck in upper right made a few things a bit more confusing) (my first time using blackboard!)

Thanks for this - looking forward to this series!

(Maybe you should host the project files so others can jump right in?)

I was able to follow the feed too! That was really fun! I’d like to second the video feed annoyance. A lot of properties get modified in the upper right and the video obscures it, making it difficult to follow sometimes.

And can we please get an updated live stream of the procedural room generation? There’s so much there that would be valuable for game devs (especially the tactical/strategy elements) and general computer science topics… I’d love to see a bit more detail :slight_smile: (and an updated version that works in 4.9! currently borked :frowning: )

I must admit I’m a bit disappointed. We’ve had these “ABC” videos like 4 times now, and every time it’s “find random point”, “run to closest object” or “run away from player”. Can we finally get some more in-depth and advanced stuff, like coding custom EQS generators in EQS? For example I still have no idea how I can get the trace test in EQS to ignore the context object and that is something that I need A LOT.

That’s the plan. We’re going to build from here, like we discuss in the video, to create a lot of AI’s of different classes that interact in different ways and perceive different things.

Can anyone tell me what type is the stored Pawn? Cause I am trying to create the blueprints to start the tutorial but I am getting an error trying to set world rotation :confused:

EDIT: Nvm. Figured out that you can copy all the blueprints from the blueprintue website :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re talking @1:05:50 about an episode with someone which was done on “Casting vs. Blueprint Interfaces vs. Event dispatchers”. Anyone knows which episode this was and who can point me in the right directions?


Should be here:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Same doubt here

Thanks a lot! Helps finding the video at least :)!

I’ll watch it up this week, thanks!

Interesting video!

A new video has been posted last week, with , about “Blueprint Communications”. I’m just leaving this here, since this is closely related to my original question (and hoping it will help somebody else out).

and have good chemistry and their combined sense of humor makes the learning process a lot more tolerable. They should do more training videos together.

Trouble with templates

I’m trying to follow along with this tutorial, but when I get to creating the EQS template, the menu is grey’d out and it says “Deprecated”. Is there a work around for this issue? I should mention I’m using Engine 4.11.2

Never mind. I was looking in the wrong location for the setting.