Training Stream - Getting Started with Landscapes - Jan 17 - Live from Epic HQ!

This is great! I am looking forward to this one!

Im looking forward to this! Being a ue4 beginner, but long standing 3d artist, I’d love to see methods on using Speedtree meshes, and/or Megascans meshes with the landscape system. Im not sure if there’s anything particular to those two packages…

ah another question :slight_smile: :

how to add roads with differents materials that blend seamlessely with the landscape ?

Any tips for making tiled landscapes less tedious would be nice, reimporting, etc? Though I hope in the future there will be a major interface makeover.

this seems so familiar …

Who is the good config for large terrain with LOW cpu’s?

awesome!!! Would really help out noobs!

Great I hope this helps me build realistic Landscapes without the help of World Machine or other Third Party Heightmap Generation Products!

Hey, I wont make it to the lesson, could anyone record and upload the video here? Would be very appreciated!

Hi @AndrewHurley,

I would also appreciate if you could show how to use world composition efficiently!


So World Composition is going to be handled in a different stream, as it is its own monster. I can go over some entry level stuff, but World Comp has it’s own unique properties that will require time to discuss. This stream is going to address the basics of understanding landscapes and the tools used to modify the topology, and working with materials to get high quality results while maintaining performance where possible.


You can always import your tiled landscape, and then resample it to fit your needs. Tiled landscapes are generally very large, so streaming them in/out at the appropriate times is important as well.


This stream will be lately post on YT? I cant see in stream, stupid job XD!

Also, very important: there will be subtitles?

The streams automatically get saved to our YouTube channel, where you can watch them on your own time :slight_smile:

UE4 Youtube Channel


Thanks for your response Andrew!

No worries - will wait for the stream on World Composition to get more details :slight_smile: Since you will be reviewing basics on this stream, please give us newbies optimization tips on how to get a massive landscape running as smooth as possible.


Some terrain related questions

Here I have couple I need to tackle so I’m all ears and eyes :slight_smile: :

  1. Roads with terrain blend support
  2. Integrating road intersections/connections
  3. Demonstrate blueprint tool to render mesh directly to heightmap for terrain, or just adjust terrain height based on mesh
  4. Using of global terrain textures for far detail via blend or overlay (albedo, normal, AO, grid)
  5. Terrain to mesh terrain blend or vice versa (how to combine handmade mesh terrain with builtin terrain)
  6. Non standard terrain use (eg, using foliage instancing for other purpose than foliage)
  7. How to connect neighboring terrain without visible seam
  8. Simultaneous use of non equally sized terrains (high density terrain for main playable area along less detailed but much larger terrain for larger view distances /non playable area))
  9. How to achieve good results with large terrains (for flight simulation where player can get very close and very high at same time)
  10. Terrain DO and DON’T DO things :slight_smile:

Quads and components.
Can you please discuss the relation between the two? Why and when should I use the different “Recommended Landscape Sizes” as described in the documentation?

Thanks. I will be working during the live stream, but hopefully I can view it at a later time.

I have some questions:
When using LODing for landscapes, the height-information gets deformed a lot.
For example an island will sink into the water if the LOD is low and will rise again when LOD is high again.
How can I predict and optimize that?

How can I apply a detailed normal map on the whole landscape?
I have a rather low detailed landscape, but I have high detailed normalmap.
Whats the best material approach for this?

Thanks Andrew, that’s great news! :slight_smile:

Big +1 on those questions. Especially the last one.