Training Livestream - Realtime Simulation and Volume Modelling Experiments - May 2 - Live from Epic!

Yes you can use this stuff to inject custom data into the volumetric fog. For now, the volume fog is unshadowed but you can also compute your own shadow. The only catch is that you have to do your shadow in the Albedo which means it won’t sort properly with multiple light sources etc.

Awesome! I’m excited to watch this stream. Thanks !

I am so looking forward to this stream :slight_smile:

I might cry if I cant get hold of the plugin soon though :wink:

Will this be recorded so we can watch later?

Should be on youtube soon. Not sure how long it takes.

edit doh, apparently its my account, not my link, that is blocked due to traffic.

The download for the plugin is now available on the original post or here. The reason is that section is specifically for people who have agreed to the Unreal Engine EULA and so they are approved to access the project.

Post it on another service? ^^

Are there any requirements we should know about to be able to follow the stream?
Asking because I have not done any shader dev with UE yet.

Looking forward to the stream regardless :slight_smile:

Tech art streams are always great!

Uh, wait what? “who have agreed to the Unreal Engine EULA”? Haven’t we all agreed to it when using the engine?

I do not have access for example.

Correct! When you sign up for UE4 you get a forum account too. That means you have signed the EULA. You are not required to have signed the EULA to read the forums, except one section that requires that you login, thus proving you have accepted the EULA.

EDIT: I fixed the link, it was wrong.

Everyone already signed is able to download it. All good here now.

Thank you!

Unreal Furmark !

@ Thanks for the stream!
I have one question remaining, if it is not much of a burden for You to answer:

For practical simulation flipbook baking purposes I’m looping the sim’s result by just blending two samples of the flipbook with an offset in time. It is more than enough for typical effects, like continuous fire.
But Is it possible to loop a fluid sim itself?
Common sense tells me that no, but I faintly remember reading in one of publications that sims with Neumann boundary under certain conditions eventually become tileable in time.

When experimenting with my sim I’ve noticed, that if I add a source of constant velocity, after some time the sim somewhat settles down and appears to be looping perfectly(or at least it looks so).
Can I somehow identify this period for a particular simulation?

My approach to looping would not rely on trying to find a loopable simulation since that would probably be really difficult.

Instead, I would render out a flipbook that was 2x as long as you need. Then you take the 0-0.5 range as the “make it loop” sequence. Then you use the 0.5 to 1 frame range as the full animation range. Then you start blending to the loop range over the remaining time, so that you are actually blending to the frames that came before the original 0.5. Usually you’d do some kind of blend modulation using a noise texture to break it up so you don’t see crossfading. As long as the motion is close it works well like that.

I don’t currently have an automated way of doing that but its not too hard to set up using the coordinate conversion nodes. I got this working to make the caustics subUVs loop but the solution I did there was happening at the time of creating the normals each frame, rather than doing it after baking time.

Thanks, that was great and I’ve been looking forward to this day since I saw a video of your GDC stuff. I’ve been obsessed with these sorts of fluid sims for years. Based on my experiments with compute-shader based ones in a different engine, the first thing I would probably like to do to this one is get more than one emission source into the simulation. The mesh voxelisation stuff interests me a lot so that is something to look forward to as well.

I had a quick to try the 3D fluid sim and it seemed to work ok in 4.16 preview 2. Works on the mac albeit an old tower one with a 1070 stuck in it which is quite a waste of that graphics card but you have certainly given the 1080ti I recently put in my windows box something fun to do later on!

How do you install this and access it within the editor to mess around with it?

Add the folder to the plugins folder of your project. Then go to window-> plugins and scroll to the bottom of the left pane and enable the plugin. Then in your content browser, in the bottom right, click the arrow to show the menu and Check “Show Plugin Content”.

Is there any you have an extra folder layer, like two folders name “ShaderbitsGDCPack” in the plugins folder? That happened to me the first time I tried extracting the zip. Under plugins should just be one of those folders, then within it should be content folder and plugin files. etc.

Thank you for your reply again. I deleted my last post as I figured it out. Having the 2 folders was my original issue and then after updating, I overlooked that the show sources in the content panel wasn’t active.