Training Livestream - Realtime Simulation and Volume Modelling Experiments - May 2 - Live from Epic!


returns to the livestream and this time he’s got brand new content to show off. built a plugin through which he can paint velocity and model with volumes. He demonstrates this tech by manipulating and creating clouds in real time! Grab the plugin here and explore along with us. Check out a sneak preview here.

Tuesday, May 2nd @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



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What is this Sorcery!

is always in the edge

This is a godsend! Curious about the performance :smiley:

No project sample for download? I have all necessary from my side to play it, even the VR equipment. Hoping to have some access to it at least.

Will project sample be included?

Yes, I am putting the finishing touches on it tonight in fact. I have uploaded a beta version for anybody who wants to try it out and report any issues. I am mostly cleaning up a bunch of stuff and trying to get some mesh voxelization work merged over. If I can get that finished in time I can show how it can be used to capture characters with motion vectors and use them for seeding or disturbing a simulation.

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What Thou Demons Spawned in our Realm, BEGONE! Ye Evil Creature from the Misty Ethereal Realm!

Hey , I’ve been following you for a while on YouTube (I think it’s you, I can’t check as I’m on shady university Wi-Fi) and I really dig your stuff!

My question is, is it possible for these volumes to evolve within baked point caches? For example, if I have an animated explosion with a mesh for the volume of the smoke that grows/changes, will the volume update properly or does it only work for stationary, non deforming meshes?

Thanks a bunch!

Oh, also second question if you have time, but no stress if there are others that need answering:

What are the performance costs for this? Would it be possible to show the shader complexity?

lol, that didn’t take long:

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Confirmed. Link is not available!

That proved immediately popular: DropBox suspended downloads on the file due to high traffic. Argh.

yep link not available .

can we use this stuff to make volumetric clouds ? for flight sim games for example ?

You will have all the key concepts into this to accomplish it and also you can check 's blog at this link

W00t? Can we get a mirror of this? Would love to try :smiley:

I see you’re using the ray marcher thing you’ve developed before, which operates on some arbitrary defined volume.

Is there some potential to use this with the new Volumetric Fog feature coming in 4.16. I ask because particles can be used to modify fog density / appearance etc. I believe - so being able to combine those things might have some really cool effects!

New link with updates.

Don’t worry these dropbox links are just temporary. We will get a version up on a more official mirror soon. Still just making a few little fixes here and there.

nice! more awesomeness!