Training Livestream - Plugin State Machine, Part 4 - Oct 25th - Live from Epic HQ

and are back again with their custom State Machine (part 3 here). Last time they showed off the versatility of the plugin by converting it into a fighting game combo system, now they’ll polish it with a move list, two characters that can actually do combo animations and anim montages to make it all look good. So come down to the stream and watch them FINISH HIM!

Tuesday, October 25th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



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Sorry for the newbie question, but is there a place to download the projects created in the twitch videos?

I’m not sure, but anyway you can do it by yourself just following videos =)
Have a great day!

nice. I have been interested in unreal for awhile. I haven’t the time to mess around with it as of yet.



it’s under forums-> unreal engine -> announcements & releases -> (at the top) asset sharing (sub-forum)

FINALLY! We’ve been asking for this ever since UE4 came out. Awesome!

The code for today’s stream is up! You can get the link in the asset-sharing thread:

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Thanks much!

I know this is a little after the original posting date, but i am trying to upgrade the code to work with 4.20, but have hit a snag after going into another state or returning to idle state it won’t move on to another move, I am not sure what is wrong. I have checked the code a number of times, and have completely re-written it a couple of times. Any help would be appreciated.

Without looking at the code, I can’t say much, but have you tried attaching a debugger and inspecting variables as you go? Using debug logging as you appear to be is also a good idea, though you may need to make it a little more spammy in order not to miss anything. I think that would be the next step to solving this.

I have it compiling in 4.20 but I haven’t yet started using it @Philip_Hoyes I will however in a couple of days and I’ll let you know if I run into any issues and how I solve them. That being said, [USER=“2247”][/USER] in the stream all that time ago you mentioned that you’d look into how to consume the input stream backwards. If you (or anyone) has managed (or manages) to get this to work (I admit I haven’t tried very much) then please do post here how to do that I’d be very interested.

@DamirH if you do get it working please let me know I will be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

[USER=“2247”][/USER] thank you for the response I will run a full debugger on the code, the code doesn’t appear to change state after returning to the idle after the first move was completed. The code is pretty much the same as the version for 4.13, I have used a character instead of an actor for my actual character, but other than that I followed the tutorial.

I recall there being a bug that caused something like this to happen, though I think it just failed to change states at all. I also recall that the stream that day was cut short and we didn’t have time to debug it live as I had hoped to, but I had a backup version with that code fixed. If you downloaded the final version of the code, though, it should have been the fixed version. I can’t remember what the exact bug was, as it was a few years ago at this point. Did you download the code we put up?

yeah i downloaded the code, it was the version relevant to the final stream, where would I find the last version of the code. Then I can do a quick comparison and see if i can find where the difference is, thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:

i know it has bee a while few years , but i can not find the assets for any live stream of the series , it seems the forums structure has changed , can anyone share the code it would be very helpful

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Hi @Afaneh.Ahmad, did you find them in the end?

Here’s the link again: