Training Livestream - Destructible Editor Features & Guide - March 7th - Live From Epic HQ!


is back and ready for action! This time around he’s busting down walls and chewing bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum! Get ready to watch and learn, as uses destructible assets to explore and explain the best techniques behind breaking stuff. For more information on Destructible Meshes, also check out 's website and his Destructible Troubleshooting guide! Download the example map here!
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced kaiju monster, you’ll learn tons of great information from 's expertise, so tune in!

Tuesday, March 7th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



  • Learning Resource Content Creator - @TimHobsonUE4]()

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Oh my gawd we literally asked about this at GDC and now here it is! So glad this is up!

we will be there.

As an absolute newbie, I may not understand too much of it - but I’ll try to be there anyway :slight_smile:

Newbie or “know just enough to get into trouble”, like me, I think we’ve got you covered. There will be a lot of overview and me prattling on about some settings here and there and then some alternative setups and examples. Hopefully a little something for.

I just realized I “blanked” and didn’t really mention the PhysX Labs standalone tool…heck I may have even said there wasn’t one. I don’t really remember. Regardless, that was my fault. For those of you using Blender or any other modeling application that exports your meshes to FBX or OBJ you can use the PhysXLabs standalone tool which you can find on the Nvidia Developers site.

Sorry for any confusion, especially for those that don’t readily have Max/Maya and may have been disappointed that you wouldn’t be able to author some amazing content.

Will this tutorial be uploaded to Youtube?

yes ^^ streams are uploaded to YouTube usually within a few days, sometimes takes longer when Epic is busy.

Sorry this was such a wait, it’s up now

I have 4.19 but the first way didn´t run by me
pls help me This link shows [404 not Found].

Im trying to download this destructible content example.
Can anybody give me a link or something?

I also want to download it. Anyone who knows where the destructible map is ? Couldn’t find it in “Content Example”. I’m using v4.23

[USER=“4894”][/USER] where can we download the sample? It’s not part of the content samples, and your website is returning 404. Thanks!

I took my page down last fall. I no longer have these files nor planned to maintain them since Apex Destruction was deprecated by NVIDIA and has also been deprecated by UE4. I saw little need in this sample or providing it any longer because we now have Chaos Destruction, which has its own sample map. Follow the instructions in the documentation to build and compile it for your projects along with how to get the sample content.