Training Livestream - Animation Pose Snapshot - May 23rd - Live from Epic HQ


Wes Bunn walks through how to set up and use Animation Pose Snapshot to create more natural looking ragdoll-to-standing animations. Ragdolls are fun, but snapping back to an animation can look really out of place, so Wes has the solution for you. If your game features characters being thrown with physics, then you’ll definitely want to see Wes’ guide to Animation Pose Snapshots.

Tuesday, May 23rd @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Wes Bunn - Sr. Technical Writer - @wes_bunn](
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

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Yes, we can finally sober up. I was actually just explaining this pose snapshot to somebody while talking about some of the new 4.16 content. Between this and the new freedom within the bone hierarchy physics animations are going to have some nice roles. We were actually talking about using the system to make something similar to the insanity mechanic in “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”.

Ah dangit, I read the title as Pose Driver, not Pose Snapshot… Can you talk about the Pose Driver some? :smiley:

More on-topic though: I have thought of the “back-to-idle” transition myself before, but what other practical applications are for the pose snapshots?

Mostly blending from physics or to physics if you have pose that you saved. Depending on your game if you have poses you’d like to save and use it for animation blending in/out, that’s the use case.


Where can I get the recovery animation files he imported at the start of the video?


Good stream, looking forward to reviewing this one again once it’s archived.

You can get the project from here:

Thanks for this, I spent two weeks to get this to work and I have a barely acceptable solution. Very keen to try this out tomorrow.

I’m surprised at the amount of work required to use the ragdoll system for characters that don’t die.

  • manage the collision cylinder
  • manage collision profiles
  • manage CCD issues
  • manage animating back up
  • determine when the ragdoll has finished ragdolling in a performant manner

Comes with the territory :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump.

Followed this tutorial with a small change - instead of setting the root body to kinematic I manually reset the mesh when getting back up since impulse does not apply to kinematic bodies. Everything works fine except the “mesh reset” is seen for one frame. Even the shadow gets rendered for that one frame. Isn’t the mesh pose supposed to be rendered from the anim graph at all times? How do I fix this?

Indeed, we can at long last calm down. I was in reality simply disclosing this posture preview to some individual while discussing a portion of the new 4.16 substance. Amongst this and the new opportunity inside the bone order material science activitys will have some decent parts. We were really looking at utilizing the Do my Essay framework to make something like the craziness technician in “Everlasting Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”.


I’ve been following this using 4.18 and have a singular issue that I cannot seem to resolve after hours of trying.

At this point in the tutorial ( ) there is a new Body added to Root. It is set to Kinematic physics type and collision is disabled. Then the Constraint is set to Linear Limits of Free on all axis.
This is intended to “pop” the body back to it’s original location and attach it to collision component after the ragdoll. However when I follow this exactly, my character flies away when I enable Set Simulate. This obviously indicates some kind of collision of bodies overlapping (I guess).

There is talk of a manual reset but this little trick is used instead. Does anyone know the correct way to reset the mesh location to solve this issue as it’s really eating up my time trying to solve it.

[USER=“48”]Wes Bunn[/USER]

Physics Asset hasn’t probably been setup properly I guess. Are you using the provided mesh and physics asset in the tutorial or using your own?

I tried both. Essentially the physics asset remains mostly unchanged from the default character version, besides the adding of the body and settings regarding collision and the constraint. However there has been changes to PhaT in general which might include something im missing.

I have been playing around trying to get this repositioned manually but it’s never right.

a full live stream would be amazing to watch

Hi @Doublezer0, sorry to bring up an old post but I’m having the EXACT same problem. Did you ever find a way to solve this? I, too, am trying to understand the ‘correct way’ to reattach the mesh.


The creation of animated characters is not so easy. It takes a large time to design and provide moves to the character google chrome not working . The live training helping to know how the animators doing this. It has large rules to take care then only it can perform something.

Hey I know this is a rather old post by this point, but have you found a fix for this? I’m getting the exact same issue where the mesh can be seen popped back up for that one frame before it quickly goes back down, does the animation and comes up smoothly.

This is great news. At long last, we can now calm down. Thank you very much.
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