Traffic Light, what's the easiest way to set this up?

​ Hello

I want to make a traffic light with around a 40 second loop? what is the easiest way to set this up? I was thinking some kind of linear sine material, texture panner or gif?

I was thinking I could just rig some lights that scale from zero to one just in front of the glass, but that feels so dirty and hacky :slight_smile:

Would love to hear your thoughts, I have attached my material so far if anyone fancies a crack at it. I think I am over thinking it and just need to sleep on it.

Also do US lights work like this?

  • 1 - green
  • 2 - yellow
  • 3 - red
  • 4 - green

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Depends on a couple of things.
is emissive enough even if it does not change the surrounding environment? Yes - material parameter. No? Use spotlights in BP.
Do you need to access a state in the game? Yes bp. No Material.

in the US the only difference is the placement of the lights. Unlike in most of Europe (where the uncivilized live :P) they like to put their lights across the street so you can actually see them without having to carve a hole in your car’s roof.
East coast and West coast use different “models” mostly because of the temperature.
generally, the streetlight also holds the street name sign. Also unlike in Europe where to find a street name you’d have to murder someone on it to be told the name at trial during findings… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can use an IF statement and a modulus operator in the material to get the cycle to happen. But it’s probably better if you just make the change happen with a vector3 and use BP to operate the timing.


Thank you, I will give it a go, ill post up a gif of the result.
Looks like I should animate the emissive the same time as the light for best results. :slight_smile: