Trademark Problem

I picked a name for my game a long time ago but Its been trademarked recently by a Multi Billion dollar company, and they have registered the .com domain.

I know im probably out of luck here but if you own the same name but its trademarked in a different class does this mean its totally fine to use as long as they are seperate (i think they intend to make a film rather then a game.

if not this a devasting blow as it was a good name and im struggling to thing of a replacement…

It depends on how close the markets are, for example Delta is an airline and Delta is also a faucet manufacturer

Well both trademarks are in the entertainment industry

I would say it’s probably an issue since games and movies often overlap, if your game has the same title of their movie then people could assume that they’re related.

Okay so play on words, or use some phonetics. If not. Try a different style of name.

I’d suggest “Player Known Cuddle Field!”
Still though, it sucks. Ive been there with a game I was working on and suddenly someone releases a game with the same name.
though due to real life getting in the way this game was never finished… so… one way or the other it worked out I guess hehe.