Tracker reset rotation without HMD

Hi everyone,
i have to Vive Trackers that i’m using to track two cameras in my project and i don’t have any HMD. They works good but i can’t reset the trackers rotation, my tracker spawn for example with the front facing in the opposite way of my subject, i’ve made a BP code to rotate manuali and that’s ok if the tracker stay in that position, if i want to move the tracker i have every movement flipped (if i move forward the camera goes backwards, same for L/R movements, only Z axis remains consistent).

I think that’s a problem with the zero allignment of the tracker in my real space, there is a way to reset the tracker rotation in UE or in SteamVR without an HMD? I really don’t need the HMD and spending money only for use as a “Offset resetter” is bad for me.