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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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Cannot reset tracker when “When Target is Reached” is set on “Complete Tracker”.

I’m trying to make a game (without time limit) where sound effects plays when the Tracker reaches a certain amount of eliminations for killstreaks. If set to “Complete tracker”, the SFX plays once (as intended) but it does not reset with any devices when plugged “Reset Progess”.

“Elimination Manager to Tracker Device - On Eliminated: Reset Progress” Not working
“Trigger Device to Tracker Device - On triggered: Reset Progress” Not working either

The only way the Tracker Device can reset is when “When Target is Reached: Do Nothing”. But isn’t the solution as I want my audio to be played only once per life and not everytime after the Target is reached.

Example: In this case, when eliminated, the Tracker resets.

Steps to Reproduce

Tracker Device - When Target is Reached: Complete Tracker
Elimination manager - On eliminated: Reset Progress

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Doesn’t work

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It should be fixed.

Hey @uhhBumbo,

If you’re trying to get the progress to restart, I recommend thinking outside the box. My experience with the word ‘reset’ in UEFN is that it doesn’t restart a device, in this case a tracker, but it sets it back to its initial state.

Here’s a suggestion: EDITED

Tracker: Assign tracker- On tracker completed

Let me know if this helps,

Consider the Tracker Ping Pong method,

By using 2 trackers instead of 1

have the first tracker do its counting and complete.
use its reset function and point it to itself with the on completion event

use the 2nd tracker with same counting settings,
use its assign function with 1st trackers completion event.
set it to reset itself on completion.

use the 1st trackers assign function with the 2nd trackers completion event.

They should ping pong off each other and will act like a resetting tracker.
Using the elimination manager to reset both trackers at the same time should be fine.

Maybe you only need 1 tracker for a single audio play per spawn… reset and unassign it when the player is eliminated and assign it to the player spawnpads on player spawned event