Traces to child pose components fail in 4.12

I’ve just moved my project to 4.12 and I’ve noticed that traces to pose components no longer work as they did in 4.11.

I have a modular character using the ‘Set Master Pose Component’ BP node.

Traces to the master component still work, but traces to the child components fail (the traces go straight through them with no hit results detected).

Just to make sure, I checked all my component collisions and they’re still set to the same as they were in 4.11 where traces worked correctly.



This appears to be related to the bug reported here: Traces fail on perpoly SkeletalMesh using MasterPoseComponent - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

This was reported 4.11, but sounds identical. If so, it is a known issue (UE-27081).

I couldn’t say it’s 100% the same as if I understand the other bug report they got no hits at all in 4.11 preview 4/5 when using pose components whereas in 4.11.2 I did get a hit for each component, but in 4.12.0 I get no hits at all to the non-master components so it’s definitely regressed somewhere.

Either way I’m sure you’re right that if UE-27081 is fixed it will also fix my own problems since the issues are certainly (if not the same), very similar.

I think I have a potentially messy workaround for my own requirements (I don’t think your proposed workaround would work for me unfortunately), though if you have any timeframe for UE-27081 being dealt with it would be good to know before I start setting up my blueprints’ system to compensate for the bug.


Hi Daniel,

We don’t currently have an estimate for when UE-27081 may be resolved. It is not currently a priority issue.


Thanks for the response.

I’ve gone ahead and implemented the messy workaround which may be useful for others who may come across the problem and want a temporary solution until the bug is resolved.

This is to iterate through every child pose component, add a collision box scaled by a manually applied amount and then modified by the components bounds/box extent and set it to the location of the pose component and then attach it to the pose component.

Then if a trace hits the box it gets the components’ parent, and sets that to be the trace hit component variable and then proceeds from there.

Then on Tick I update the collision boxes to keep them in line (though rotation isn’t right) with the pose components.

So not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but for now it will do.