Trace Hit Result returning Bone Name as None sometimes

I’m using a melee weapon trace with MultiLineTraceForObjects, it works very well and it does as intended. But I want to develop the combat system further with different statuses or effects depending on where you got hit.

When I do a simple test with printing the Hit Bone Name it works of the time time. Bone name is printed up from the physics asset bone collision I hit. Head, Spine1, Spine2, left arm, left leg etc. But some of the times it just says “None” even if the character is hit and takes damage.

Anyone know what the problem here could be? If the character is hit, it must have hit a bone as well. So I don’t understand why it can’t print a bone name some of the times.

I’m an idiot! :slight_smile: Of course it returns None, I didn’t branch it out in the blueprint. It works as intended and shows which physic collision I hit correctly.

I just forgot to not include all the traces that hit “None”, and the message box in game was spammed with None so all the hits was spammed out.

So anyone with the same problem, make sure to exclude all the traces that doesn’t hit anything and you’ll be fine :smiley: