Tower Defence template required in editor at New Project tab templates

Hello, would be nice to add “Tower Defence” template into editor at tab “New Project”. Gues “Top Down” template looks similar, but “Tower Defence” has different controll, clicking on objects and selecting it.

BUMMMMP… With all gameplay mechanics!:smiley:


There’s StrategyGame example on library, it’s really cool and done as game, but i still sure more simple blue template would be much more helpfull, because StrategyGame too complex with all these decorative things, at least these basic elements enough in template:

creeps moving points
waves array with creeps
basic tower
simple interface for tower selection and simple description before building
placing towers on grid
showing tower attack range on selection with simple circle

Hey Happyhorror,

‘Tower Defense’ is already released as a sample. We will not be implementing it within the new project field, at least not at this time.

Thank you and have a great day!

can it be released in blueprints please also all other sample games,its very hard to understand in C++

I’ll just give a shout out to the newly released FPS Tower Defense Toolkit UE4 Asset pack which might be of use to you and others interested in this thread? And with a current price of $29.99 USD or your region equivalent as of writing this it is a steal :slight_smile:

EDIT: You can find the forum thread for this UE4 Marketpace product here:

Which includes a detailed rundown of features, documentation & even a video tutorial series :smiley:

As Benjamin mentioned, you can find most of the features you asked for in the FPS Tower Defense Toolkit, such as enemy waves, tower bases and guard towers, a modular grid system, range spheres for towers, tower upgrades/placing towers on the grid, UMG tower stats etc. The grid system allows a level designer to place the towers in the editor as well. However, this is all portrayed from a first person perspective rather than the Top Down/Isometric look that you’re going for. But if you want to see how to implement the other parts that you asked for, it’s available with the toolkit.