Touch response for secondary collision component

Most of the objects in my game can be tapped by the user to interact with the object in some way. Each of these interactive objects has a UMaterialBillboardComponent icon attached to it to indicate that the user can in fact interact with it.

Currently, only the object itself responds to touch input and not the interaction hint. This is fine in most cases, but when the object is very small, the interaction hint can obscure the object and therefore needs to be placed off to one side. I’ve noticed that users tend to try tapping on the icon rather than the object itself, so it’d be nice for these icons to respond to touch input.

I’ve added a USphereComponent around the interaction hint, but can’t get it to respond to touch events. I know I can make the mesh collision larger, but this isn’t always practical. Sometimes I need to move the icon in response to some interaction, so it’d be nice for the icon to have its own collision.

Is there a way I can get both the mesh’s collision and the secondary collision to respond to touch input? Hopefully the image below gives an idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

Turns out I just had to set the Visibility trace channel to ‘Block’ for the touch events to fire.