Touch Input , Convert this Blueprints into C++, Urgent Help need.

I wanted to set up a touch input for mobile fps game but was unbailable to find a solution in C++ , But Found this Blueprint and works. Wants to Convert this Blueprint into C++ Anyone’s help would be

greatly appreciated. Thank You

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What does “update post” do? Can you expand it?

By the way if you create a third person project in C++ you should be able to see a template of controls


Hi Ares9323,
Update post is a custom event and its input is a Vector 2D.
Yes i tried but in the third person c++ project touch in function set to jump only.
plz check this video it will explain what i want to say .

and this function(blueprint) wanted in c++ , can you please provide a solution
Thank you

what do you want that to be in C++? Can’t you just use the blueprint?

If you don’t know how to write that code in C++ means you probably should try to use blueprints anyway.

This is the default third person cpp and the all the commands work

Make sure that you have correctly setup the gamepad input (because they are shared with mobile)

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Yes you are probably right but since i have started from blak project and added CameraControl,SpringArmControl,Binding Axies for left joysticks thought myself whynot and became one-sided and started making everything in C++
wants to make a fps/tps game for mobile and I’m afraid of blueprint-lag in match.

Thank you for your response
plz look at this video

this how the blueprint works hope this will clear any doubts.

its hard to aim with right joystick ,so wanted same controls like pubg mobile or coll of duty mobile ,witch is easier to aim at you enemy .
(why c++ for this type of action, wants pure performance and none-zero input lag)

Will wait for your reply😊

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If you use “blueprint nativization” you will have performances almost identical to c++.

I wasn’t sure about that but I imagined that you removed the right thumbstick on purpose (I asked just to be sure)

I’m pretty busy at the moment, I’ll try to answer asap

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