TopDown Multiplayer Movement

Hey there!

Back in 2014, the most interesting solution for the multiplayer “move-to-cursor” problem was this one. Thankfully, we had that answer. Unfortunately, seems that nothing has changed since then.

I’m trying to move my character and replicate this instruction to all my clients and not only am not having any success but also seems that that solution is very hacky and I personally wouldn’t like to rely on it in a serious project as I am working on.

My question is: is there any update on that? Or even better, is there a solid/definitive way to achieve “move-to-cursor” in a multiplayer scenario? Swear that Google’d a lot but the answers seem to always lead to the same point: the unanswered.

Personally, I think this is a very frustrating situation coming from our beloved engine. It already dealt with harder stuff, why not this one?

Eagerly waiting for an answer.