Top Down Clients cant move?

Hey there, so i noticed that most people with top down games have this issue. But i cannot find an answear since i dont use the temple. i made my own click to move system.

The system is very simple and works very good! but the client side cant move. and i cant figure out why.

This is my click to move:

I use Pathfinding, i figured it must have something to do with the “GetPlayerController”, maby i need a player index or something i dont know what else could cause this?

So i just red that SimpleMoveToLocation does not work in multiplayer, ■■■■! Does “AIMoveTo” work in multiplayer or does no pathfinding at all work on client sides?

I also found that inside the Navmesh system on project settings, i can turn on
“Allow Client Side Navigating” and that make the character able to actuly find a path, and is facing in that direction. but stil doesnt move, he just vibrates like crazy at the same spot, just like if hes feet was glued to the ground?

So i noteced that SimpleMoveTOLocation does not work in multiplayer?

But i also noticed that you can “Allow client Side Navigating” and that makes the clients able to actuly pathfind using that blueprint. but he cant move?

He is facing the right direction but is doing nothing but vibrating like he’s feet where glued to the ground?