Top-Down Camera

Hello, I don’t know if this was answered somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it with the searching function. My problem right now is that I was trying to set up a Pawn with a top-down camera that follows the pawn, but I just can’t manage to get it so the camera isn’t moved by the mouse and only follows the pawn. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Just have a look at the TopDown Example.

I did, but I couldn’t find any camera settings or anything in it. Just all the enemy spawning behavior etc, no camera. I guess it’s done mostly in C++ code, not blueprints.

I can’t check to be sure, but I believe it’s in the default pawn blueprint (I think it’s called “MyCharacter”). If it’s not there, it’s probably in the default PlayerController blueprint.

I’m not sure if I’m too stupid to find it but I can’t find any default pawn blueprint or a PlayerController Blueprint. We’re talking about the Strategy Game Project you can download in the Marketplace right? I don’t remember any other Top-Down Example.

Launch UE4Editor, create a new Project and choose the TP_TopDownBP template. Once loaded you can find the MyCharacter Blueprint under Game\Blueprints in the Content Browser. You should see the Character and the Camera under the Component section of the Blueprint.


Lord I’m stupid. I didn’t even consider searching in the Project Templates. Thanks!

No problem, glad I could point you in the right direction. :wink: