Top down c++ class -- rotate camera around player from blueprint

Hi guys,
I created a c++ character class based on the TopDown template, and thought it would be “fun” to right click and rotate around the character from a blueprint. I made a blueprint, checked the default setting for the camera to rotate, and, it “works” however I never see the events fire in the blueprint, even though the camera lets me rotate around the player, any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hello, it happened to me one time when i was trying to debug something that i could not see the events being fired as well. Turned out that it was because i did not have something selected where it says “No Debug Object Selected” inside your blueprint editor.

When you hit Play and you start controlling your character open up the window with your blue print and the “No Debug Object Selected” should turn into a dropdown. You will be able to select your blueprint there.

Once i did that i was able to see all the events firing and was able to debug my blueprint.

I am also still new and learning so i hope this helps you out.

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