[Top-down blueprint] One of the players does not sync when game is launched in multiplayer mode!

For some strange reason, when I change the number of players in my player count setting of the play menu, one of the players isn’t synced with the other. I have a video demonstration of this issue to give you a better idea of what the problem is: [][1]

They are both using the same blueprint, and here are my replication settings:


What am I missing here?

I have a similar problem. Were you able to figure it out bob?

Unfortunately not, still waiting for someone to come up with an explanation. What startup project did you use? I believe this may be an issue that only applies to the twinstick shooter blueprint project, since all of the other starting projects seem to work just fine.

Its happen because UE4 auto replicate with only one direction: Server → Client.

So clients always got pawn’s transform from server when it change (if Replicate Movement is true), but if you change pawn transform on client - server not accept it. Server autocracy.

The only true world state is a server world state, and client has only copies. So if u your client want to move own pawn - it must move client pawn on server, not on a client. And you must do it manually.

Try this:

Event with replicate = Run on Server. Call it on client instead pawn moving

Friend, do you know why in my game it doesn´t move if I only try to move in the server, I need to make a char move in both the client and the server.