Tooltip Lag and solution

So a while ago I was having a problem where any time a tooltip popped up my frames would drop down to less than 20. I had dealt with it by just disabling tooltips (‘Slate.AllowToolTips 0’ in case anyone’s wondering). Also, just as a side-note, I was having a similar problem while watching videos with Chrome, tooltips/info popups would cause video framerate to drop significantly.

Another interesting piece of information is it was only occurring on with a certain graphics card. For ‘reasons’ I’m using an external graphics card on a laptop, so when I don’t want to be wired to my desk I disconnect the graphics card and use the onboard card. And for whatever reason the external card (Nvidia GTX 670) was the one having the issue, rather than the less powerful onboard card (Nvidia GT 425M)

Anyways, all that being said, as the title suggests I think I found the solution. Due to Steam VR’s recommendation I switched to an Aero Theme on Windows 7. That’s it. Unless there was an update to UE4 in the past few weeks that I didn’t notice, I haven’t done anything else that might have fixed the problem.

So if anyone else was having this problem, here ya go.


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