Tools: sharing Blueprint in webpage ->

You can share blueprint on website:
When you edit a blueprint in Unreal Engine, select nodes and copy (ctrl+c or cmd+c).
Go on paste your clipboard in the textarea and click on the “Create Pastebin” button.
You will be redirected to a new link you can share with everyone.
You can move in your blueprint like in Unreal Engine editor.

I want you to present my project: “pastebin blueprint”.

It’s a service about sharing blueprint in a webpage.

Actually, there is 2 popular ways to share a blueprint:

  • take screenshot
  • copy/paste in pastebin

I think it will be awesome to have all on the same page.
So I work since 3 weeks on a web parser/render for easing sharing and manipulation.

OP Deliver
You can try it on and follow the steps described in TL;DR section of post.

If you want an example you can use link 3sorqivE posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine
As you can see you can interact with nodes by moving and connecting them.
You can embed the rendering.

Knowed issues:

  • zoom is not perfect
  • some nodes are over other nodes
  • some nodes are not displayed like in unreal engine
  • can’t break a connected link


Hello everybody!

The community version is live :
You have 2 ways for using the new version.

Anonymous Version
Add Blueprint [INDENT]
Now you can share a blueprint with some optional settings:

  • exposure: choose public if your blueprint will be visible on the home page, last blueprints, search pages and anonymous profile OTHERWISE choose unlisted
  • expiration: delay before delete blueprint or not
  • version: which Unreal Engine version the blueprint works on

View Blueprint
Copy the blueprint code.
Embed the blueprint in iframe.

View Profile
See member profile, informations and their public blueprints.

Search by tags and / or terms in public blueprints.

Member Version
Sign-up / Sign-in with an username or with Facebook/Twitter/Google.

Add Blueprint [INDENT]
Choose a private exposure, only you will be able to view blueprint.

View Blueprint
Rate blueprints.
Add and Reply comments.

Edit Blueprint
Rename Blueprint.
Add tags.
Add description (wysiwyg).
Add video from Youtube or Vimeo or Dailymotion.
Add thumbnail for lists view.
Make a new version of the blueprint and see all the past versions (embed too the blueprint version you want).
Change exposure and version settings.
Close or Hide or Open Comments.

Delete Blueprint
Choose to give blueprint to anonymous user (it will keep content, properties and exposure).
Delete blueprint

View Profile
On your profile, you see your private blueprints too.

Edit Profile
Add informations about accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Livecoding, Twitch, Youtube, Github, Profile Unreal Engine Forum, Chat Unreal Engine, Website, Description.
Add your avatar.

Delete Profile
If you delete your profile, you will lose points given on blueprints.
Choose to give blueprints to anonymous user (it will keep content, properties and exposure).
Choose to keep your name in comments.

Nota Bene
All the old blueprints pasted before the new version has those settings now:

  • exposure: unlisted
  • expiration: never
  • version: Unreal Engine version 4.5

My current account on Unreal is rancoud2 and not rancoud anymore.
It’s because the forum can’t merge 2 users in one.
is why you will see rancoud2 responding in thread.


Very cool!

is an incredible tool already, with a few tweaks it will be downright mind blowing.

Will use when is a bit more refined, definitely cool so far. I wanted to make something like but never got around to it.

Great way of sharing.

That’s pretty nice! If you fix the issues, then it will be so easy to share Blueprints with beginners who need some help on the BUG .

Also: You can connect the Input Exec Link with another Input. But as long as now one tries to change a posted Blueprint like that, it is ok :smiley:

is looking great! Really cool to see being created, will be extremely useful.

I found a funny little quirk/bug that you can connect the blue wires between two nodes. I know I’m using it to do something it isn’t meant for, just thought I’d point it out though. Great work so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks for yours reviews!

, eXi: I don’t check for the moment the direction of pin. I only check the type. So is why you can connect Input Exec Link with another Input.
I add in my todo list!

Any for translating Trello board? :slight_smile:

Yes, not today but week I will translate trello board.
I will add member section for sharing blueprints by adding tags.
I think it will be usefull for searching a specific function.

Any you’d be willing to post the source code for ? We’ve wanted to build an internal tool for code reviewing our blueprints, and would get us half way there!

is great, rancoud!

There is much potential here. For example:

  • Being able to export directly from the UE4 editor to
  • A diff tool to compare two snippets

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.

For the moment sources are private.
But in few weeks I will add a member section for managing snippets and their privacies :slight_smile:

I added your ideas in my trello.



i hoped the upload worked. nice tool. saw another post in the past, with the same idea. but keep it up!

btw. i have a strange problem. not sure if its my fault, but my blueprints arent connected with the wires. made a screenshot.
good luck with it and lots of thanks!

Love so far - Makes sharing Blueprints very easy.

I reported the lack of wires to him last week, so he’s aware of the.

Great idea. If working 100%, is a super fast way of sharing BP protos with your team.
guy is genius haha

Good job. Really good idea.

Am i mistaken but wasn’t epic actually working on something like ? a BP pastebin ?

edit: is really really cool. Been tinkering with it for a bit now.

Wow, It’s crazy ! You must work with Epic and make a real project and official.

It would be great to add names for standard macros.
Name of functions are readible enough :wink:

example: tIEC9LMI posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

Do you need any help with developing tool? :slight_smile: