Toolbar:[Save] vs File->Save All Levels (v4.3)

I thought the toolbar:[Save] button did exactly the same thing as File->Save All levels, but it appears they do not.


Open a new project: [Blank] and include starter content.

When the project opens up, pan the camera so the chair and table are out of view.

Click the [Save] button on the toolbar.

Close and reopen the project.

When the project reopens, the last saved camera view in the project level (with the chair and table out of view) is preserved.

Now, follow the procedure again from the beginning. However, instead of clicking the [Save] toolbar button in step (3) select either:

File->Save All levels
File->Save All

Neither File-> option saves the last known camera position in the same way that the toolbar:[Save] does.

Is this a feature or a bug?

Is the toolbar:[Save](current level) meant to save different level info than File->Save All Levels?
(I thought it was merely a convenient shortcut).

Hi Ash22,

This page here will give you all the info on what each save version does specifically.



Thanks Tim.

I have previously seen that page, but it didn’t quite answer my question.

Save (toolbar) allows me to save my current level and subsequently reopen the level exactly as I left it, including the last known viewing position.

Save All Levels does save level(s), but does not restore the last known viewing position like a toolbar:save.

Save All does save level(s), but does not restore the last known viewing position like a toolbar:save.

A ‘Save All’ (i.e. super save) usually implies it will save everything about the open project. However, for me to achieve that, I click all three saves separately just to be sure my project will reopen exactly as I left it.

It is a little tedious, but not a huge deal. I am just curious why the toolbar:save would save a little more ‘project-state-info’ than the 'Save All’s. Usually the opposite is true.

Feature Request?: File->Save_Literally_Everything! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can dig into this one a bit more. I’ll get back to you soon on this one and what I find. :slight_smile: