Tool for creating Planets with editing

I am lookign for a tool that allows user to create large planets. The detail of planet does not have to be for FPS of course. But should give a reasonable detail for a bit zoomed out isometric view, imagine a view from hot air balloon. Another important thing is abbility to edit terrain with a something like a brush tool by hand (water, hights, depths and so on).

This is what I am talking about, but I dont think this software is accessable to public:

This Module is close to what I am looking for, but it lacks the ability to edit terrain by hand (brush tool):…terrain-101118

It does not need to be a planet, it can be a planet sized ladscape.

My point is not to create game with it, that would be insane, but I need to create a 3D model of a planet/world that exists only on map and its size is raughly the size of Europe. I need it to have Terrain, water and foliage would be great but its optional.

Have a look at Phryonnaz’s voxel plugin…