Too many texture samples? Also how to SubUV_Function with tiling?

Hi there :slight_smile:

So for some reason I can’t use that many texture samples into an ocean material I’m making… I use about 8 textures but transparency (+the new SSR) seem to increase the sample count to 16.
I though since 4.6 we can use up to 128 texture samples(?) how does that work exactly? even though I have set the samples to be “Shared: Wrap” I can’t use more than 16 samples since the material throws compile error (also in linux apparently things are even worse since openGL supports only up to 12 samples).

Does anyone know why this happens and how I can avoid it?

I’m trying to save some sample count by combining multiple normals into one texture (4 2048x2048 textures into one large 4096x4096 texture) and then call each normal using the SubUV_Function but it seems you can’t tile the resulting normal afterwards.
Any ideas?

I’m also having problems with this. Wondering if we have an EFS for this.

To sample more textures you need to use the shared samplers. To do so, set the sampler source on a texture sample to “Shared: wrap” or “Shared: Clamp”.

This should allow you to get to the 128 limit.

I was already using “Shared Wrap” on all of my samples so I could not understand why this happened… turns out the function Motion_4WayChaos uses texture samples without “Shared Wrap” so I had to make a custom version of that function and now everything works fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone have any ideas about the second question? I would like to use SubUV textures (so I can pack multiple textures into one) but also be able to tile them just like normal textures. Is it possible?