Too many Layers for landscapes?

So I have a landscape material that has like 15 layers in it. grass, dirt path, slate rock, snow, etc etc.

When I just painted a few of them on things were ok, when I got to where there were a bunch the heightmap turned to a default checkered pattern and stopped taking any layers paint and all the painted layers ended up becoming the default checkered, as if it had to still load shaders etc. All of my shaders are compliled though.

Is it possible there can only be so many or is there something else going on?

Is what things look like now, and it won’t show me painting any of the material layers.

Take a look at this thread: More than 6 landscape texture layers? - UE4 AnswerHub probably it helps you :wink:

ah that explains it then. For time being I’ll have to trim my layers down and make sure I keep them to 4 per landscape chunk. Thanks for the helpful links.