Too many foliage instances?

I’m trying to build a level that utilizes a ton of mesh actors and foliage, but I’ve run into a problem: level.jpg

Have I hit some hard limit for foliage or actors? Only half of the map is displaying these crazy colors; the other foliage is fine. Any ideas?

I resolved this by lowering my lightmap resolution for my landscape and the grass texture. Works fine now!


IIRC i too had this issue. Please try un-checking Global Illumination.

After I imported some more static meshes, I found the issue had returned. I have two of the same exact levels - one using GI and the other uses baked lighting - both are experiencing the same visual issue. It didn’t reveal itself until I had hit around 100k foliage instances.

I did try to uncheck GI for both maps, but unfortunately, the issue persists.

Also, this doesn’t appear in the view port, only during testing. I seem to recall UDK had a similar issue with too many shadows being displayed at once… but I am unable to find relevant information, unfortunately.

I had the same problem in the UE4 beta, but unfortunately I never got a answer how to solve it or why it is happening :frowning: But here are some temporary solutions that might work:

building the geometry
rescaling the foilage
open and close the UE4 2-6 times
created 2nd uv channel (in the UE4)

and of course lowering the lightmap resolution

Not an expert on this matter but have you use any sort of culling and or level streaming to lower the amount of instances at one time?

Hey Samb,

I’ve set the grass mesh to have 3 LOD’s, and I’ve used a culling range from 1200 to 6000. This doesn’t only affect foliage, but projectiles, and the character mesh as well - anything dynamic or in motion, effectively.

Also, thanks for the tips fighter5347. I removed the extra foliage in places where I could, and it seems to be fine for now. Also, on an unrelated note, I’ve been watching your tutorials since UE3 - you’re the man. Your contributions to the community are appreciated!