Tonemapper Curve


Is there any way to view the Tonemapper Curve?

Not in the Editor, but you can use this site to input the values and see the curve: UE4 Tonemapper

This example already has the UE4 Tone Mapper as an example. You can change the values based on ones you use in the Editor to see how the curve will look.

(As a note, this Color Grading/Tone Mapper documentation will be updated very soon and this graph is used quite a bit to show different examples and results)

Thank you.
The interface there is quite unfriendly though.
I have no idea how/where to input my Slope/Toe/Shoulder/Black Clip/White Clip values for all I see is 10 mathematical calculations.

I don’t think the purpose of that interface is to be the most simplistic thing ever for just anyone, but you should be able to figure out where values go based on our defaults we have in UE4.

Taking into account that the UE4 tone mapper is Lines 4 - 13, these are the ones that should align:

4 - Slope
7 - Toe
8 - Black Clip
11 - Shoulder
12 - White Clip

You simply line up the end values that are output to what is currently the default in the Editor. Just plug in new values here if you want to see how it affects the curve. Then use those same values in the Editor to see the result. No need to do any math or adjust the formulas.