Tokarev TT-33 Pistol, AAA Ultra High Quality from Ironbelly Studios

[SIZE=4]Update Nov 11, 2015
[SIZE=3]We’re Live in the Marketplace Store! Check out the TT-33 and all of our assets at Every gun we make comes with a set of first person arms, fully rigged, animated, and compatible with Kubold’s Animset![/SIZE][/SIZE]**

You may have noticed several guns being worked on by Ironbelly Studios ( lately! This is our WIP for the TT-33, a 7.62mm Russian and later Soviet sidearm used primarily in WW2 and the years following. It is the base model for multiple designs from other countries and still in use today. Why? It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s hard to break in any climate or condition. Due to its long history of use, the TT-33 can fit into nearly any historic setting from the 1930s to post modern. A true piece of history.

The final model, like all of our weapons, will come with separate meshes for parts for ease of animation and accuracy. The Unreal Marketplace version will also come with a fully animated set of first person arms. Vodka is not included.

If you have something special you need made, don’t be shy to drop by our website and request a


Parts Breakaway 1

Parts Breakaway 2

No texture wireframe of the TT-33. Things are coming along smoothly! Should be posting our first gun to the marketplace any day now!

And here we have our first examples of the texture version. I’ll put up a few more soon - as well as some breakaways.

As the original post says, we’re now live on the marketplace! Woo woo! Get your very own TT-33 here:

Here’s one last image for the road. Additional stuff will continue to be posted in our marketplace thread:

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