Toggling visibility in .FBX work around?

I have a 2.5d character, rigged in Maya, imported into unreal. As it’s a 2d character his hands and mouth are animated not by movement, but by replacing the plane with a different image. A closed hand to a fist, for example.

I know visibility cannot be animated in .fbx, and I don’t want to add a bone for each separate state (would be super messy). Any idea how to work around this?


It might be a little convoluted, but if you must keep all the visibility info in the skeleton, you can try to have a joint’s rotation drive visibility.

For example, create a joint off of the root. And script it so that if that joint ever gets a local rotation of 90, the mesh piece gets hidden. You will probably need to export and layer the mesh pieces on top of a parent skeleton to do this.