Toggle VR Off Error

Hello! I’m trying to toggle between VR and flatscreen during runtime. Similar to Star Wars: Squadrons where you can toggle VR on and off in the menu.


I can use the blueprint node “Enable HMD” to swap from flatscreen to VR with no errors. Yay!

However, when transitioning from VR to flatscreen, the game freezes for exactly 30 seconds, throws the following error:

LogHMD: Error: FOculusHMDModule::GetPluginWrapper().WaitToBeginFrame 192 failed (-1000)

After, it plays the game in flatscreen with no further issues.

I have tried using the console commands from this post, but the error is unchanged:

I am using an Oculus Rift S, but have the SteamVR plugin turned on as well.

Main Question:

Is anyone familiar with the error being thrown which freezes the game for 30 seconds when going from VR to flatscreen when using “Enable HMD”?

Okay, I found a kind of hacky workaround.

I realized when the focus is not on the headset, the freezing bug does not occur.

For now, when requesting to change from VR to flatscreen, I’ll pop up a display box informing the user to take off their headset.

Once the headset loses focus, I’ll disable it which bypasses the error.

Though, please let me know if any of you finds a better solution to this! :pray: