Toggle VR from in-game menu?

Hey guys. I just pre-ordered an Oculus Rift, and I’m wanting to go ahead and get support for that added to my game. I saw in this game made in Unity, called Among the Sleep, that in the menu, you can enable/disable VR. Basically, you click the button and it splits the screen up for VR, click it again, and it sets it back to normal. How can I do this in Unreal? Thanks!

There is an Enable HMD blueprint node.

Here is all the VR specific nodes:

Awesome, thanks!

EDIT: I set it up so that it will set Enable HMD to true when I press V, but when I press it, nothing happens?

Do you have a DK2? You need an HMD to actually enable, or it will just be a “dead-end”.

Oh, okay. In Among the Sleep, you could enable/disable the stereo-screen-thing even without the HMD. I guess that threw me off. Thanks!