Toggle visibility delay node issue

I followed the Tutorial you guys posted on YouTube which goes through toggling a point light using collision box’s. When using the delay node, the light can be tricked to not toggle, is this a bug? The light starts off not visible, When my character enters the hit box there is a two second delay when the light turns on with the begin event, when he exit’s there is a two second delay and it turns off with the end event . But if I make him run in and out of the Hitbox several times after he exit and the light is supposed to turn off it will remain on or vice a versa. The lights visibility is then switched and when entering the hip box it turns off instead. How do I fix it?
Ps. How do I turn the light on permanently when he enters but have in not visible at start?

Can I see your blueprint?

Won’t let me for some reason but it’s the same as 16:37 Intro to Blueprints: Toggling a Light with the Level BP | 03 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Its because you are using “toggle visibility” with the delay. To fix this do not use toggle visibility, instead be more specific and “set visibility” to true when overlapping, and “set visibility” to false when not overlapping.