To use vulkan in the unreal engine, do I really need to compile a new version from the github source code?

I knew that unreal had support for the Vulkan API, but I did not know that vulkan is separate from the engine, in the project settings I set the following options:

I remember once leaving only the vulkan marked, but everything was bugged and the editor crashed. So why should I download the vulkan SDK, download the source code from the engine and compile with visual studio as [this tutorial][2] does?

Looking for the same answer. Any luck so far?

Yes, apparently if I leave marked only the vulkan option and compile the generated version will use the vulkan, apparently the most current versions already comes with the integrated vulkan

It’s not “sperate from the enigne” if you have this kind of issue it means support of it is not included in binery version you have and you need to compile support for it (rether packing system needs to do it) that is in the engine. SDK download is needed most likely because it’s licence does not allow to destribute it with other software and that SDK is required to build Vulkan support in UE4, there other components that have same issue, like Steam support or even Android support it self that requires extra downloads to make them work. But it does not mean “support is sperate” support is there simply not build in binary version in the launcher.

I also think this only involves Vulkan on mobile as the SDK is for Linux platforms (which Android is), Vulkan as any other Kronos group libraries don’t have SDK only API specifications to be implemented in to the system, thet SDK is some kind of helping middleware used in mobile support of Vulkan.

You can expect and prepare yourself in future that some mobile features aspecially experimental once will require compilation of the engine code as not of them are included in binary distributed version, same goes with some desktop features. It’s been like that since beginning.

So I still have to create a separate engine version from github? I do not know if the reason why it worked was due to the fact that I have the Vulkan SDK installed.

You need to have engine source for UE4 to compile Vulkan support, i think all you need to do is install it from laucher (there hsould bei nstallation options), but i use GitHub version all the time so im not 100% sure if that enough.

You don’t need to have seperate GitHub installation, it is your choose to have both. As long you not shearing binary dll modules to other members of your team (which should not be need if you don’t use C++), you can just use github version.