Tired of Animation career, but I'm not sure what else I'd do.

I’ve been a mocap animator in the games industry for a few years now, and I’m feeling very frustrated with the job and with myself. The job often feels like simple drudgery. Here we’ve got 1,000 frames Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire of a walk with a character’s feet going through the floor. Go and pull all those feet out of the floor. And even as they complain about obnoxious menial stuff like this, my co-workers seem to all far out-preform me in completing that stuff on time (or at least, fixing it to a point that the leads don’t notice or have a problem).

It’s not all total drudgery. Some of it is fun. But I am always slow. I don’t know if it’s just a lack of focus (which has been a huge problem), or if I’m just unable to work quickly. Even in personal work unrelated to animation, I seem to take so much more time than I would think. (Why on earth did it take me a year to make a full colored 10 panel comic strip? Why did it take me over a year to make a tiny little Flash action game?) I feel like… give me an opportunity to be meticulous and get lost in details, and I will. Give me an opportunity to drag my feet and get distracted, and I will.

Maybe you need to orginize your work better. Set up some dedicated hotkeys for mocap frame crushing. Take a refresher on animation fundementals.
Stop dragging your feet, is all I can say.

That doesn’t sound good… I’m not sure posting on here is the right answer.
I’d try to get away from the office for a while… Say over a few beers maybe…
Ask your peers to hold up a mirror to your work, your style / way of working…

I can be the same way, and the only thing that helps is taking a vacation/break and going old school with a task outline. Im a disorganized/creative type thats not in denial. Im also overly distracted/productive. So somedays i can do 10hrs of work in 1 hour or spend 9 hrs fixing my 1 hour of screw ups. I accept my failures, but sometimes it seems i dont have the time to keep fixing my screw ups. I wish i could hire someone to prevent my screw ups.