Tips needed for architecture using data classes

Hi guys,

I’m currently developing an editor with tools like translation, rotation, scale, etc inside of UE5.

I’m trying to come out with a good architecture separating data classes (that can be serialized) and actor classes to show in game the object related to this data.

But here is the problem, i dont really know how to manage the inheritance structure on the “actor part”. Should i cast the Data parameter in specialized actor classes to be match the SpecializedData classes ? Always casting is not ideal… Maybe i should declare the SpecializedData class directly into the SpecializedActor ?
I’m also wondering about the WriteData() function inheritance.
I’m a beginner in architecture in UE and i’m open to your advices on best practices ! :slight_smile:


You might be in the wrong forum section. This here is about building architectural visualization and not code architecture.