Tips for reducing translucent refraction artefacts?

I love the varied and interesting effects you can achieve with refraction, but even at small values, the artefacts it can produce at certain angles are very obvious and could break the realism (see here at 0:08, the door looks fine closed or fully open but not in between:

Are there any ways of reducing these artefacts, or would it be better to design my windows/doors so that they have thick frames that would hide most of the effects?

I believe the refraction value defaults to 1 as ‘off’ and can be heavily influenced by the normal. Just something to keep in mind.

I would take a look in the details of the material for Refraction Depth Bias and see if changing those values will give you a better effect. You could also calculate the angle that the face is to the camera and make the refraction less when it’s on more of an angle.

Thank you! I’ll check those solutions out!

Yep. The refraction input is basically the IOR of the material, so a value of 1 = no refraction.

The “artifacts” when the door is opening is probably because your refraction value is too high/low and causes the refraction to go off screen (making it black).
You could try using a fresnel with a rather high power and lerp between your refraction value and 1 based on that, so when viewed at a very high angle the refraction is basically gone.