TInterval data types usage

I would like to know how can I utilize this data types to my advantage and some usage examples if you can provide.
In my project I already have some property that would benefit from this eg.: set their Min and Max values and do check against it if my other value I’m working with falls into this “range”.

Please can anyone shed light on this data types? They look super handy but I have no idea how to properly utilize them in my code.

Simple scenario:

float MyChangingFloat;
FFloatInterval MyCheckInterval = FFloatInterval() { Min = 1.3f, Max = 19.4f};

I want to do check if MyChangingFloat falls into range…

What to do next or how to declare and use them properly in code and in blueprints? I noticed they are structs…
I can replicate this with my code but if they are already part of engine I would like to use them. On some there is NoExport tag…

Thank you for any insights on topic.