TimeSecondsToString has the wrong format

In UKismetStringLibrary there is a function called TimeSecondsToString that converts float seconds to a formatted string time. The comment says “/** Convert a number of seconds into minutes:seconds.milliseconds format string */” but if you look at the code and the formatted string it actually comes back as return FString::Printf(TEXT("%02d:%02d:%02d"), NumMinutes, NumSeconds, NumCentiseconds);

If you see it’s actually formatted as Seconds:Milliseconds not Seconds.Milliseconds


Hey -

The best solution for a change in this manner would be to make the fix locally and then enter a pull request to have your change reviewed by the developers and possibly integrated into the engine as well as being added as an engine contributor if the change is accepted. Given the context you could either change the format of the comment to use a colon or change the format of the actually Printf to use a period.