Timers and Delay Node.

I am trying to write a function using a timer in such a way that is easily done with a delay node but I am not quite sure if it is going to do what I want it to. I want to apply if necessary some modifications to a player then skip a frame so that I can be sure that the modifications are applied.

bool bIsTimerActive = IsTimerActive(TimerHandle_Delay);

              GameMode = GetAuthGameMode();

                     SetTimer(TimerHandle_Delay, this, &CLASS::HandleOnGameLoaded, 0.0f, false);



I stripped the function down obviously. will this do what i described?

Yesterday i read a postfrom a guy, saying that with blueprints a timer with 0.0f won’t call the function at all.
So, may be you should add something there.

You can use FTimerManager::SetTimerForNextTick() to delay for one frame. Using 0.f will cause the timer to not be called at all.…k/4/index.html

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Thank you for the post and insight silik1!

thank you for the solution TheJamsh!