TimerHandle Replication Problem

I created a ability system and there is an actor handling it instead of the pawn because it holds both members of the team (its 2 member with 4 to 8 teams) and I start timers on the server when they use an ability, when I use ability on the client and check its time left; it comes invalid, however when I use ability on the client and check its time left via server it shows it correctly so no problem with execution I guess. But I cant seem to get the time left on the client for some reason, is there a way around it or am I gonna have to mimic the timers by creating one for the client as well.
Thanks in advance!


Timer Array ^^

My Event Preview ^^

I used abilities from the client and it doesnt come to widget as expected and when I debug it on top left it sees it just fine via the server…^^

A Timer Handle is just a number - it contains no information about the timer itself and Timer Handles should also be unique to each instance of a running game. Replicating them will cause problems as new timers are created locally.