Timer rate faster than should be

I haven’t done a deploy so I wouldn’t know for release, but in editor when I’m testing, my timers are always going 2-3 times faster than real time (ie: 6 second timers are going off after like 2-3 seconds). Global time dilation and time dilation on the actor I call the timer in is both 1.0, the default. Why could this be happening?

I’ve narrowed down the problem on this:

VSync is off in this picture. Despite this, ‘Frame’ says 16.67 ms. DeltaTime reflects this. But I’m still getting a frametime of 4.43 ms. So, DeltaTime seems to be precalculating based on the value of ‘Frame’, but the actual framerate is much faster than that. This results in my game getting sped up 3 fold. Turning VSync on fixes this (not sure if it would break if I got under 60 fps with VSync on).

Simple way to reproduce this:

  1. Create a blank project
  2. Create a timer
  3. Print the remaining time to screen with AddOnScreenDebugMessage
  4. Switch VSync on and off while running the game. You will see the remaining time rate decrease much faster than it should with VSync off

Can anyone else confirm this is happening as well?

Answered in this bug report: