Timer for double-click rename (where is it)

okay so here is another shot at some chat –

if i come up with a c++ question, i am literally going to ask it.
only when one turns up though.

so literally, i got the sliders fixed with a hack, and i had some guy help me figure out i didn’t link to the , well to anything in the construct. i did it all myself but forgot that oops. so now i have infinitely precise sliders and its only slightly? annoying. i guess. i haven’t tried to use it 4-5 different times/ways yet.

SO cross that out, and my other question right now is where are the viewport icons in the C++ code, because the interface is not a 4K interface, they appear to have left that out.

there’s lots and lots and lots of sloppy work, so there’s plenty to do in C++ just need the right ideas that aren’t pointless and self-serving.

so aside from that THIS question - where is the timer for double-click on mouse on a content browser asset
i know F2 is for re-naming, but when i clone items so i can make new versions (and my workflow on this is not set atm). i double-click to rename, and whoever the hell set it up did a horrible job.

so literally, where is that code buried ?

like even a HINT as to how to find it
i dont even know if i have the source tree, it was on github but its not now and they didnt announce it.
so its secretly not open-source any more ?

and what, the mirror of the source code i have doesnt work? its 4.25 ?
its a mirror, but uh.

oh - ps - im working on getting stream deck, from corsair - integrated with unreal engine
it starts at, making hotkeys. that’s useless.
so its one layer, maybe 2-3 over that, interactive keys, they have to be timers, or graphs, or toggles
not many options. i haven’t done the javascript to compile a button myself, and the options are all amateur programmers and corsair is not touting development. its accidental apparently. that its open.
but theyre not developing buttons either so.
yeh. that talent thing.

i got the sliders fixed with a hack

It’s not a hack.

where is the timer for double-click on
mouse on a content browser


The rest of the post is nonsensical and has no answer.