Timelines jumping on Material Parameters

Hey guys,

The problem I am having is with timelines. What I want to do is:

Change a scalar parameter on a material via a timeline, change the mesh, and then update the parameter of the mesh via another timeline again.

What happens is:

  1. the first timeline changes the material as desired.
  2. The mesh changes as desired
  3. The second timeline updates as desired BUT: The effect of the scalar parameter does not show for a while, then very quickly (although not instantly) jumps frpm 1 to 0 and stays there for the remainder of the timeline.

The purple lines show how the material actually behaves during playing. I hope this makes the problem a little clearer.

Is this a bug? The 2 parts of the blueprint are almost identical. Or is there something about timelines i got wrong?

I can see the timelines are working fine, since i print the updating value of the timeline to screen. And I can also see, that the second parameter change affects the material, since it does SOMETHING to the scalar parameter.

A .gif of the thing can be found here: GIF | Gfycat

However the first part of the gif got cut. I guess I am too dumb to make a decent gif. But you hopefully get the idea.

Your Answers are much appreciated, Cheers

I was stuck with this for about a week. I have finally figured out, that my second mesh is just bugged. I tried using another shape, and it all went as expected. SO this question is answered. :slight_smile: