Timeline/Matinee in a blueprint

Hello, I finally learned how to make a door that opens and closes using line trace (my blueprints shown in screenshots) everything seems to be working fine, but I’m not yet 100% satisfied with the result that I’ve achieved. My blueprint works with a timeline that rotates the door 90 degrees, Something like this works really well if you are looking for a simple rotation/door, but I was looking forward to a door that rotates, and with it the door handle like in real life and here is the bit that I’m really struggling with, I can’t find any way to to add one separate timeline to the door and a separate one to the handle, In my blueprint the door handle is the child of the door. I was also thinking about doing it with animation (with matinee) but I can’t find a way how to add the matinee to the blueprint, like for example I’ve tried to add it in a Level Blueprint, the way you would add it, it would be by highlighting the matinee in the World Outliner and clicking “Create a Reference to Matinee” in the Level Blueprint. In my door blueprint, when I click the right button on my mouse, I don’t have a such option.

I be so grateful if someone helps me with this, anyways thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Have you set up inputs yet? They’re a huge time saver when clicking or pressing buttons.

Yeah I know, I was going to set them up, but I’m struggling with this

Ok, so the way I’m understanding your question is that you want a matinee to play after the door opens/closes? How you tried adding a Play node then pluging in the matinee reference?

Not really, but what I would like to do Is either get rid of the timeline and replace it with a matinee (so I can have the door and the handle in one animation) or add a second timeline to the blueprint so one would be for the door rotating and one for the handle . Play node? let me see

Oh ok. So why not have one timeline for the door and one for the handle. You could have one play after another. Possibly have the handle play first then the door. If they’re both playing at the same time, add a delay node to one of them. Same could go for matinee, have one play after another.

And here is where I struggle, how do I do that? so the timeline only affects one mesh in my blueprint

Setting the matinee or timeline to one mesh will move just that mesh. Setting the door handle as a child will just move along with the door. Opening at 90 degrees. You can use a matinee or timeline on the handle then add a delay node for another matinee or timeline for the door. So the door will move 90 degrees after the dlhsndke rotates

Any ideas (what actions should I use?) how I can connect this to my blueprint? (sorry, not very good at this things)

Do you just want to learn how to do a matinee and use it in a bluprint?
If yes, check this out:

Use the same logic

Yeah, but his doing it in a Level Blueprint, I need mine to be in a saved blueprint so I can place many doors just by dragging them on. Actually I’ve lost hope that you can even add a matinee to a saved blueprint and I’m asking how can I do something similar in a timeline?, how can I add two timelines so for example what I’m tring to achieve is a door handle rotating on one timeline and the door on a different one, but I have no idea how I can link the specific timelines to specific meshes (my door handle is the child of the door it self)

If you look at my first screen shot I have there a timeline that rotates the door 90 degrees. What actions should I use to add a second timeline for the door handle? and how would I make sure that the timeline will rotate just the door handle?

hmm, ok, now I think I understood you.

Ok, you can create a second timeline and do the same thing, but you can set the target to be your handle now, not “Self”
To do both in the same vent, just use a sequence node, both will happens with the same event. Also, you may put a delay before the door timeline, so the handle rotates before

What do you mean by: Set the target to be your handle now, not “Self” To do both in the same vent ?

the node; “setactorrelativerotation”, you could use a node to rotate the mesh and the door hundle components, instead of using the actor “self”, i.e the entire blueprint.
To do both in the same event, use a sequence node.

Am I doing this wrong? because it doesn’t seem to work (strange things happening with the door when I interact with them)

Hello? :))

I didn´t forget you my friend, hehe. I just need to recreate it here to understand what is going wrong and how to solve. I didn´t have time yet, but I will recreate it and reply to you asap

I made this blue print:

And this is the result: - YouTube

I created it in the Level Blueprint and the hundle is a Mesh/BP set as child of the door in the lvl, like this:

Is this the result you want?

Wow thanks for the screens, I love the video :slight_smile:

I’m nearly there, is it possible to fit all this (door & handle) in one saved script? and the door needs to be interactable by line trace for example (my first person character script) above. How would I do this?

Yes, but if you just tryig to create a door to open and close, it is more effective to use the trigger box, just adjust the box trigger position to set your needs.
Line trace is much more complicated to do the same thing…