Timed Particle effects

Hey, i am pretty new to UDK, i am wondering if there is a way of loading a set of times for particles to be spawned e.g.
have a text file with the numbers say 0,2,4,8,10,12 and have the particle effects spawn at the timing of those numbers say a pulse , obviously the text file would be way larger in numbers than that but each time the game is run it would begin at the start 0.
Any help on where to start would be great.

Do you mean UDK (Unreal Engine 3) or the Unreal Engine 4? -> when you mean UDK, please post your question into the UDK forum: :slight_smile:

My bad, sorry.
Working in Unreal Engine 4.

Is there a reason you couldn’t use timeline nodes in a blueprint to spawn the particle emitters?

Why cant u make a script with a sequence of numbers, Compare it to time and activate your effect every “==”?